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Polyurethane products have many uses. Over three quarters of the global consumption of polyurethane products is in the form of foams, with flexible and rigid types being roughly equal in market size.
In both cases, the foam is usually behind other materials: flexible foams are behind upholstery fabrics in commercial and domestic furniture; rigid foams are inside the metal and plastic walls of most refrigerators and freezers, or behind paper, metals and other surface materials in the case of thermal insulation panels in the construction sector.


It has great flexibility, light weight. In terms of waterproof, although the thickness is extremely thin(0.012-0.035mm), it is incomparable to the physical performance of other materials (water pressure above 10000mm). High technology is used to introduce hydrophilic agents into the material to make the film not only has high waterproof performance, but also has excellent moisture permeability (human sweat gas can pass through the film freely).This breakthrough, combined with the textile industry fitting processing technology, greatly enhance the added value of textiles. Now it is widely used in snowsuit, windbreaker, cold jacket, gloves, hats, bedspread and so on. In addition, excellent cold resistance, environmental friendly, non-toxic, recyclable and decomposable which makes PU film has become the mainstream material in the 21st century.
1.Cold endurance to -30°C;
2.Moisture penetration is hydrophilic, it is not micro porous which could be easily blocked by detergent or sweat components;
3.No PLASTICIZER, no MIGRATION that causes subsequent adverse effects



– Water-proof, Breathable
– Non-allergenic
– High flexibility, suitable for joints
– Transparent, Visible


– Transparent dressing stick
– Transparent dressing stick
– Transparent, waterproof bandage
– High-grade fabric lamination
– Home textile lamination

Differences between PU and TPU


It differs from ordinary TPU films in that:
Item/Dermis PU Film PU Film
Principal component Poly-Urethane Thermal PU
Water resistance 20000 ≥20000
Moisture permeability JIS-1099A1 6000 ≥10000
High temperature resistance ℃ ﹥180℃ <190℃
Post processing Ο Δ
Back Drawing Processing Ο Χ
Color variability Ο Χ
Functional Ο Χ
Hand feeling Ο Δ
Washing fastness Ο Χ


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